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My Involvement With the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation

This month, I’m eager to talk about the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention, a nonprofit organization that focuses on preventing cancer through community awareness and early detection.

I currently serve on the board of trustees. I first got involved with the organization a couple years ago, after my dad recovered from a narrow scrape with cancer. He was one of the lucky ones. They didn’t expect him to live long, but now he’s doing well, alive and better than anyone could have predicted. As you can imagine, the goals of the foundation are near and dear to my heart.

The organization meets regularly, working on consistent policy to aid the cause, as well as planning events to raise money for the foundation. Our primary mission is to make cancer prevention programs available to the community, granting access to the necessary tests and screenings to those individuals who might otherwise be denied. It shouldn’t be the case that those who are unable to pay the frankly exorbitant cost of cancer screenings should be at higher risk. We seek to close that gap and help the people of our community live longer, healthier, richer lives. It’s truly heartening to be a part of a group of people so dedicated to literally saving lives.

Just a couple weeks ago, we held our annual Brunch to Crunch Cancer. It’s always a nice event. We bring in as many local vendors as possible, who then sell their goods and services, donating a portion of every purchase to the foundation. At the same time, we have a tasty brunch prepared for every ticket holder. We always have a speaker as well. Whether it’s a doctor or a cancer survivor, it’s amazing to hear the stories of people working to help others. The brunch was a hit. I’m not sure of the exact number yet, but we definitely raised a substantial sum, almost all of which will go toward cancer prevention.

Community involvement has always been central to my life and work. My dad was mayor when I was young, and I like to tell people that the city was our extended family. He spent nearly all his time working to improve the lives of his constituents. The amount of time he gave was just astronomical. He may be living a slower life these days, but both my mother and father instilled a keen commitment to community and aiding others that’s stuck with me.

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