Vestibular & Balance

Vestibular and Balance

When your doctor says you need Vestibular Rehabilitation, what they mean is that you need to see a Physical Therapist to get to the bottom of why you have dizziness or poor balance. Our therapists are trained to identify the root of the problem, whether it originates in the inner ear, visually, due to a neck dysfunction, muscle weakness, issues with a particular organ, or even through an outside agent, like the side effect of a medication.

We create a plan with you and your doctor that will get you firmly back on your feet. That is why it is so important to identify the cause - the root will drive your treatment. In some cases, the therapist will actually induce your dizziness so that your body can learn to overcome it, but this only works in certain circumstances and would be disastrous in others. In some cases we will use therapeutic equipment to build specific muscles, and yet others we will utilize specialized techniques to realign internal systems like your inner ear.

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