Gait training is just a fancy way of saying that we fix how you walk. Buy why would there be something wrong with the way you walk?

  • Maybe you had knee surgery and your muscles need to strengthen and relearn how to walk
  • Perhaps you have suffered a fall or come close to one due to unsteadiness
  • Maybe you have been suffering from pain in one or both legs and this caused you to favor one or to walk with a limp
  • Or you could use a walker, but want to transition to a cane- or be completely unassisted like you used to

Our therapists know how to identify the issues impacting how you walk, and they will work with you to create a plan to strengthen your body and retrain it. We take into account the obstacles in your everyday life, including stairs, uneven ground, and obstacles you might encounter around the house and out on the street. It takes time and effort on both of our parts, but few things bring us as much joy as a past patient walking by and stopping in to say "Hi." We also train our walker/cane using patients to make sure the equipment is being used correctly and set to the appropriate heights.

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