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"The PT Dr. Michael Russo is very caring towards his patients. The staff is very friendly and organized. They are on time and prompt to appointments. Would recommend"
Dec 01, 2020
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"NJIB is a great facility. Amazing staff, quick and efficient service. Would recommend 5/5."
Dec 01, 2020
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"What a knowledgeable and courteous staff! They really make Physical Therapy fun!"
Nov 12, 2020
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"Therapists and staff are excellent and courteous."
Oct 01, 2020
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"Excellent staff! Super helpful and a joy to be around."
Aug 14, 2019
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"I would highly recommend Dr. Russo if you want to feel at home, have fun, get well, and learn so much about where your pain originated and how to become pain free. The atmosphere is friendly, but you can tell that the doc knows his stuff. All the patients are so nice too!"
Jun 19, 2018
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"Great staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Their treatment made a positive impact on my situation. I would highly recommend their services."
Jun 01, 2018
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May 19, 2018
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Mar 13, 2018
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"Great staff and great place to have physical therapy!"
Feb 19, 2018
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"The staff at New Jersey Institute is Balance are all incredibly personable and professional. I have used this practice for both chronic and acute issues and have achieved long lasting results. Dr. Michael Russo and his staff are well versed in their abilities and take the time to make sure their patients understand both the issues at hand and how the exercises prescribed will improve their condition. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is searching for a physical therapy practice to help recover from an acute injury or improve their quality of life when dealing with a chronic pain issue."
Nov 18, 2017
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"Orthopedic Surgeon suggested in 2012 to try PT. I have arthritis and a piece of loose cartilage in my knee. Well in 2017 when I finally couldn't bear the pain I went to NJIB within 2 to 3 visits I felt like a new person. From not being able to walk to actually running (if I need to). Friendly still professional atmosphere Ally is amazing."
Aug 07, 2017
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"(Translated by Google) This clinic has a group of great workers who are very well prepared. The attention is wonderful and very professional. You also feel very well the affection with which they treat everyone and the dedication and commitment they put into the physical and psychological recovery of all patients. (Original) Esta clinica tiene un colectivo de trabajadores estupendos que estan muy bien preparados . La atención es maravillosa y muy profesional. Ademas se siente muy bien el cariño con que tratan a todos y la dedicación y empeño que ponen en la recuperacion fisica y psicologica de todos los pacientes."
Aug 04, 2017
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"Very knowledgeable in his profession, compassionate and cating."
Jul 20, 2017
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"Dr. Michael Russo is a pleasant, funny person who genuinely cares about his patients. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find that in a doctor. Not only has my condition improved considerably, I look forward to my visits because the staff at New Jersey Institute of Balance is always pleasant and welcoming."
Apr 22, 2017
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NJIB is a 10. It all has to do with the staff. Everyone is caring, professional, a pleasure to interact with every visit. The therapy given was excellent- pain free.

Patricia P.

I had constant, chronic low back pain that started about 8 months after low back surgery. Although I did therapy elsewhere after the surgery the pain came back, and I could hardly walk a block or two on my own. I felt I was getting more and more dependent on using props, like a cane, to get by. I developed a limp and was not mentally ready to use a wheelchair to go from home to the store or other daily errands. I was introduced to NJIB and I am feeling energized once more. I was determined to regain my strength and be able to move around and do daily chores. I am happy to see the improvement. I also could not sleep comfortably; turning from side to side in bed caused excruciating pain. Now I am happy to say that I can have peaceful and comfortable day and night rests.

Theodora B.

This was a professional, easy going experience. The staff was helpful in every way. I was in pain as a result of a car accident- unable to turn over in bed, turn to look over my shoulder, or lift my arm without pain. Now I can do housework, and whatever I need to do without pain.

Judith K.

Since my stroke 5 years ago I was unable to use my right hand, in addition to my balance not being what it used to be. It was wonderful. The staff was very professional, and they explained in detail what each exercise was about and why it was important. I was able to get back some movement in my hand, and my balance has since improved. I highly recommend NJIB to my friends and family.

Lennox B.

Changing my clothes was hard before coming. Now I have no pain.

Vilma M.

Kellie is a remarkable therapist. She goes above and beyond anything that I have ever experienced in past physical therapy clinics, and I can feel the personal interest Kellie takes in her patients which makes a huge difference!

Pat Z.

I would highly recommend Dr. Russo if you want to feel at home, have fun, get well, and learn so much about where your pain originated and how to become pain free.

Cynthia G.