Are You or Your Employees Suffering From an Injury? Let Us Help!

Injured Man Seeking TreatmentAn injury suffered at work can be a heavy burden on your life. After an incident, you may be unable to perform your work effectively — or at all. Yard work, walking the dog, and other everyday tasks can feel difficult or impossible. Maybe you’re even banned from certain activities to avoid risking your workers’ compensation benefits or further injury.

Luckily, work-related injuries are not the end, and they don’t have to be a costly drain on an employer’s resources. Let New Jersey Institute of Balance help, with one of our robust, comprehensive industrial rehabilitation programs.

Through each plan, you will work with our team of adept physical therapists to treat or prevent workplace-related injuries. We focus on creating industrial partners, working closely with employers to get their workers back on the job in an efficient, safe manner.

To accomplish this, our physical therapists provide hands-on, evidence-based treatment to our patients, and facilitate communication between the physician, employer, patient, and payer. When all parties are striving for a patient’s recovery, the patient’s time spent out of work can be drastically minimized.

Our post-injury programs include physical and hand therapy, work conditioning, functional capacity evaluations (or FCE’s), and functional progress notes (or functional discharge summaries) through the OccuPro system. For injury prevention within the workplace, we offer work site evaluations, online education and training, pre-placement/post-offer screening, and job demands analyses.

Our services are indispensable to both workers susceptible to or suffering from an injury and their employers. So come in to New Jersey Institute of Balance today, and see what our industrial rehabilitation program can do for you!

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