Beat Your Fast Metabolism

People with naturally fast metabolisms often struggle with gaining muscle. Their bodies use calories so efficiently that fueling muscle growth becomes challenging. Here are tips to overcome this challenge:

Consume More Calories
You can have the best workout regimen in the world, but if you don’t eat enough, you won’t gain muscle. To calculate the number of calories your body expends, multiply your current weight by 18.

Gradually increase this number every two weeks by consuming your current weight multiplied by 20 — then, your current weight by 22. Evaluate the effectiveness of each incremental increase and increase your caloric intake in a similar manner until you are gaining weight.Nutrition

Eat High-Quality Foods
Eat calorie-dense foods such as whole grains, nuts, dehydrated fruits, and nut butters. Incorporating these foods into your diet is easier than simply eating more food. Try to avoid foods that are low in nutrients. These don’t support muscle growth.

Getting enough protein and complex carbohydrates is key. Try incorporating more lean beef, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, oatmeal, whole grains, and healthy fats into your diet.

Focus on Heavy Compound Lifts
According to, lower reps with heavier weight are most effective. Compound movements like barbell squats force you to challenge multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This stimulates a number of muscle fbers to respond by adding mass. Weightlifting every other day will allow stubborn muscles to recover between heavy workouts.

Engage in Cardiovascular Exercise
Exercises like jogging and swimming strengthen your cardiovascular system, which is important even if you are trying to put on muscle. While it shouldn’t be a main focus, it’s important not to cut out cardiovascular exercise completely because cardiovascular exercise delivers nutrients to your muscles.

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